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As your business grows, it becomes increasingly complex and less practical to micromanage your costs.

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Business Mobile Contract

By analysing your bills, we can make recommendations based on facts. We will design a package specifically structure for your calling patterns and data usage with the single goal of saving you money.

Matching the latest tariffs from the major UK mobile networks to your team’s individual or combined requirements for data, minutes and texts, we’ll be able to build the perfect business plan for you.

We are not affiliated with any individual network so you can be sure that you will receive honest, and completely independent advice.

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Evaluate everything

Initially, we perform a thorough audit of your existing mobile phone bills, looking at your call volumes, text and data usage, and any out of plan charges such as data roaming and international calling. Our experts then carefully consider all requirements and make the appropriate recommendations.

Single point of contact

We can manage the changes for you to minimise disruption to your day-to-day business. If new mobile devices are ordered, we can pre-configure them with all the apps your team use the most.

Proactive monitoring

By choosing to be billed though us using our marked leading billing platform, we continuously monitor your usage. If spikes in usage or other out-of-bundle occur, we will contact you and make recommendations to keep your costs under control, as opposed to waiting for the bill to be produced causing bill shock, making us proactive rather than reactive


Types of business mobile phone plans

These days there are a lot of different types of mobile phone plans for business. Not sure which is best for your company? Here’s are your main options, and possibly some you may not have heard about.

Phone & Contract

The most common type of plan traditionally favoured by users. A contract that includes the price of a handset and a specified number of minutes, texts and data. At the end of the contract term, you own and keep the mobile phone.

Often businesses continue to pay the same amount, even after the initial contract period has expired. If you don’t need to upgrade to the latest handset, we recommend moving to a SIM only deal as soon as your initial contract ends.

Sim Only

Sim only deals are perfect if:

  1. You’re not looking to upgrade your mobile phones
  2. You have the capital to buy your devices separately
  3. You lease your mobile devices. (only available to business users)

Sim Only give you a great deal on the provision of mobile phone services without incorporating the cost of a handset. If a new handset is required within the term of the contract, we can be flexible and renegotiate to include the cost of the phone.

Lease your devices

Business customers can lease mobile phones and tablets with fixed monthly payments. This gives you access to the latest equipment whilst benefitting from low-cost SIM only deals. Leased devices are unlocked giving you the option to switch network provider if required. At the end of the lease, you can either return the device, pay a small fee to own the device or choose a new phone and continue with a new lease deal.

How much data do you need?

Most deals come with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, so the real question is how much data do you use? Unlimited data tariffs are expensive so it’s worth checking your average data usage to see if a set amount of inclusive monthly data may save you money.

Our regular analysis of your usage will help ensure that you have enough data for your needs and we can make adjustments on a monthly basis if required.

Is Insurance Necessary?

You might be tempted to skip mobile device insurance, but it could prove to be a lifesaver. Insurance will cover lost and stolen handsets as well as accidental damage and breakdown. If you don’t have a policy to cover your laptops, we would recommend adding these to a multi-gadget policy. 

10,000 mobile phones are stolen in the UK each month, so we strongly recommend covering your devices,

Whilst travelling abroad, gadget cover keeps you protected worldwide, but may be restricted to 90 days per trip.

Business VoIP on your mobile

It’s now possible to have the same functionality and features from your office desk phone on your mobile. With integrated connectivity, single number presence, call transfer and all call recording. Our cloud phone system works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices whilst reducing costs across your business.

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