Happy June 24th also known as CAT WORLD DOMINATION DAY!

Small stripy cat lying on the floor in the sun on world cat domination day

As an office of cat lovers, today is a pretty special day to celebrate everything we love about our furry little friends. From their sweet and attentive nature,  to their protective and curious side. 

What is world cat domination day you ask? 

You are probably wondering where this day even came from and why it’s a thing. The ‘national days’ calendar is renowned for giving all of our pets different days but this one is on the crazier side. Cat World Domination Day was declared by Sparkle Cat on her birthday as the day cats worldwide will take over the world and was granted June 24th as the day to celebrate. 

Ever since ancient Egyptian times, cats have been plotting world domination against us humans and we want to know from Pet Parents if you have ever suspected your fur baby is plotting against you!

We asked our team if they have ever suspected that their cat is secretly plotting something against them. Here’s what they had to say alongside some super cute and cuddly pictures to sweeten your day! 

Meet Les’s cat Pheobe! 

Meet Yolanda’s cat Shako! 

The answer was no! Our furry friends are here to be comforters and generally adorable day in day out, although if they do manage to take over the world… We’d still love them just as much!