It’s going to look a little different around here…

Forward Comms New Branding

We wanted to give you the heads up that Mobile Solutions is changing. We’re not going to tell you what to just yet, we want to keep you on your toes a bit!

Soon you’ll see us and hear from us under our new, better-suited brand. Why? Because we’ve outgrown where we were at the start, yes, we sell amazing phone solutions, but now we do much more than that.

It’s been an incredible few years for us, and we’re so grateful for all of the support we have received from our customers, suppliers and team members. This has allowed our business to grow and thrive, turning into what it is today.

We are so thrilled that so many of our customers recommend us and our services and want to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us.

Our new brand will be more representative of who we are today, and the breadth of services that we offer. As of the 1st March 2022, you’ll be hearing from us under our new name, Forward Comms. So, what do you think of our new branding?!

Forward Comms Logo

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.