You know we do mobiles, but what about this…

what else does Mobile Solutions Herts do?

We’re called Mobile Solutions Herts (not for long 😉), so you could be forgiven for thinking we only deal in mobiles… Well, we have some news for you. Take a look and see all that we can offer your business, so that you can get all your communications from one place!

Telephone systems

We also offer telephone systems. Is yours due an upgrade? In 2025, traditional copper phone lines will be switched off to make way for new technology. So, between now and then, it’s crucial you find another solution. But what is the solution?


Yep, it’s an acronym, standing for Voice Over Internet Protocol – that probably doesn’t clear things up either. Put simply, it’s using an internet connection to make calls. So all of your calls and your internet will use one cable, rather than a separate one for your phone too.

Want to find out more?

Virtual Landline number

These allow you to choose the number you present when you call a customer. Whether you want to feel more local to your customer, and present a local number, or have a number that’s easy to remember. We can even enable you to use the number across several devices. You choose your number, we handle the rest.

Internet Connection

Whether you’re a small business that mainly uses the internet for emails or surfing the internet, or you’re a large company with many people on the same network, streaming videos and downloading and uploading large files, we have a solution for you.

Business Broadband

For smaller businesses, or ones less in need of large bandwidth we have broadband options available. From standard broadband, to superfast fibre, we have a solution for whatever your business needs may be! We offer the speeds your business needs to operate as you’d like to. So you can say bye bye to buffering!

Leased Lines

Looking for something a little bit more dedicated? A leased line is your own, uncontended connection with the local exchange. That means your internet connection won’t be affected by anyone else using the internet too

And of course, business mobiles!

The clue is in the title with this one. We’re also experts in business mobiles. We analyse your bills and usage, to find you the best package for your business, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t need!